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  • Dear Dr, Whitaker
    I am writing this comment without any malice towards you or the psychiatry critical psychiatrists you cite in this blog. I am simply asking questions which I hope this website still promotes and allows.
    “There is almost universal agreement that antipsychotics are useful in the acute care of people with schizophrenia”
    Is it not true Dr.Whitaker that most of the evidence you’ve gathered in your books and articles are based on people who have NO exposure to antipsychotics? Isn’t it true that there is evidence that people with ZERO exposure to so called “Antipsychotics”/scientific non pharmaceutical name neuroleptics can “recover” from what is referred to as “psychosis” or ‘schizophrenia?”
    Isn’t it true that most of the worst aspects of “psychosis” or “schizophrenia” come from withdrawing from “antipsychotics” which cause extreme psychotic symptoms that would’ve never occurred without them? Isn’t therefore logical that we should be promoting a system of care that avoids NEUROLEPTICS whenever humanly possible?
    Isn’t it true Dr. Whitaker that the same flawed “Science” behind the promotion of “Antidepressants” is also at hand in the “almost universal agreement that antipsychotics are useful in the acute care of people with schizophrenia”
    Isn’t it true that for most people(especially those who are having a drug reaction) their “psychosis” is temporary? Isn’t it true that the “recovery” seen in these people could be falsely attributed to “Antipsychotics?” That it’s basically a placebo effect? Isn’t it true that the “science” of “almost universal agreement that antipsychotics are useful in the acute care of people with schizophrenia”involves removing studies with negative results?
    All I’m asking Dr.Whitaker is that you not let yourself be manipulated by people who’s jobs, wealth, and status depends on their ability to continue to make people take “Antipsychotics” and to sometimes ask questions about their motives.

    From a 27 year old woman with tardive dyskinesia and COPD/heart/lung problems I deal with every day from a common cold 2 years ago which I was unable to fight from a weakened body withdrawing from “Antipsychotics” I was on for a month.

  • Can someone on this website please write something for Kate Millet? She took a huge hit by writing the loony bin trip and now that she’s dead the new york times writes it as being about “being told she was bipolar.”
    No one even interviewed her for the release of her book as far as the liberal feminist psychiatry worshiping elite was concerned the unmedicated “bipolar”was already dead. She helped Peter Breggin with Toxic Psychiatry. If you won’t write it I’ll submit something.

  • I thought it was a great essay Mr.Oaks. Don’t listen to these insufferable Bernie Sanders cultists. If I recall cheeto mocked Rosie O Donnell for taking about her ssri treated depression and called her a degenerate. You were obviously using parody when you called cheeto crazy and anyone who thinks you were being serious isn’t very bright. But these people live to constantly“Call out” others for their supposed crimes while they mask in the halo of their imaginary perfection. I’ll try to think of creative ways to fight psychiatry this month.
    Oh by the way, yes I think Hillary would’ve been different. Hillary Clinton worked at the children’s defense fund and I think she has a good heart. I think she’s as brainwashed about “mental health” as anyone else though(probably).
    By the way what did saint bernard sanders think of forced drugging? I have a memory of at least one debate where he tried to change the subject away from his ties to the NRA and talked about shootings being a mental health issue.

  • Nurse Ratched- I don’t know if this is a real story or not. But let’s assume it is. You seem to have trouble putting a sentence together but with your degree in changing sheets and bedpans maybe you can get through it. If the 24 year old is in a group home they are being monitored every single day to take their neuroleptic/ssri/anti-epileptic cocktail. Why are they still hearing voices? Is it because neuroleptics have no specific “antipsychotic property” and they are making this person’s voices and paranoia worse? If so then what is the point in forcing them to get more detrimental useless “help?” nurse Ratched? So you can enjoy seeing someone dragged into a tiny windowless room and have their pants pulled down and give them their “shot” of the same drug they’re already on? So that your hospital (and you as their employee) can siphon off this person’s Medicaid for a couple months? Where is the logic here Ratched? Your only “reasoning” in this misspelled barely coherent paragraph is “I HAVE THE AUTHORITY! I CAN DO WHAT I WANT! IF THE PSYCHOS MISBEHAVE THEY GET PUNISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” That isn’t the way an intelligent calm person thinks or behaves Ratched.
    Nurse Ratched, maybe this human being you’ve dehumanized into a subhuman because of your fear and hatred towards them was going “buckwild”(an animal term) because he/she was taken away from a place they had gotten used to living in with friends/some degree of freedom/contentment and had been violently forced into a prison full of cold sadistic hateful monsters like you. Also Ratched, you should watch this documentary. It’s about woman with “schizophrenia.” She was sexually abused by her stepfather and her mother did nothing to stop him. She has hostile violent voices towards her mother because of this. She is completely cured of the symptoms of “schizophrenia” through empathetic caring therapy and no brain disabling psychosis worsening neuroleptics. She is now a nurse and is probably 10 times better at your job than you are.

  • And if he was still hearing voices than where is the supposed “anti psychotic” effect?
    If the neurotoxins don’t do anything than what justifies his suffering? Even if he didn’t “recover” why not just let people hear voices and talk to themselves if they want to?
    If he got off of the drugs psychiatry would say he was”relapsing.” Relapsing from what? The “disease” that was never cured?
    When cancer is in remission there is no cancer. When you “relapse” the cancer comes back.
    Akathisia isn’t a “relapse. Nightmarish anxiety and depression from withdrawing from psych drugs isn’t a “Relapse.” Cursing at your NAMI dearest because you’re irritated and upset from drug withdrawal;l isn’t a “Relapse.”
    Psychiatry is absurd and evil.

    The dark side of psychiatric drugs
    In 1987, Kathleen Gannon, of Tempe, Ariz., stabbed her mother to death with garden shears and beat her-father to death with the butt of a rifle. According to a source who examined her, Gannon believed that, when her parents were dead, “she would then somehow become a normal person.” The day before Gannon murdered her parents, she was injected with a major tranquilizer and given a prescription for the same drug in pill form.
    I’ve heard an endless amount of anecdotal stories from people saying they became uncharacteristically violent and saw a nightmarish increase in their “psychosis” while ON neurolpetics. NEUROLEPTICS have never been proven to have any “anti psychotic” properties. “Psychosis” and “schizophrenia” were seen as temporary stats of mind that people very often recovered from and never experienced ever again. Soteria and Open Dialogue has already shown that “psychosis” can be temporary and “treated” with kind understand people who let them go through these states. Therefore it stands to reason that these “anti psychotics” are nothing more than brain damaging placebos that takes the credit for something which they only worsen.
    NEUROLPETICS cause an unbearable sort of neurological brain damage called Akathisia. Our resident saintly “Critical psychiatrists”(Healy etc.) have already shown that this brain damage has a connection to violence and suicide and “psychosis” in people given ssris. But since these people pay for their fancy houses and cars by continuing to prescribe NEUROLEPTICS they expect us to believe that akathisia is now harmless when experienced by “Schizophrenics.”
    When you withdraw from neuroleptics it causes dopamine to suddenly surge into the places where it has been unnaturally been “turned off” including the motor region of the brain which causes a nightmarish increase in AKATHISIA. It’s also impossible to sleep because of the brain damage.
    I was on halidol for 3 weeks and it was impossible to stop. I think if the akathisia had gone of any longer I would’ve had a stroke/heart attack or jumped in front of a car to stop the torture.
    I found it easier to get off Seroquel and there was no akathisia. And I took benzos and trazodone to sleep.
    As for your “neighbor” I have some questions. How did you find out out the details of his story? Were they in a newspaper ? Did you talk to a police officer? Neighborhood gossip? I ask because I didn’t know that “schizophrenia” gave people super human strength and can’t eve imagine how someone would “rip the jaw off” an animal.
    If this “neighbor” actually exists, have you ever even wondered or cared enough to wonder what happened to him?
    My guess is that his “psychosis” only worsened on the drugs.
    I’m sure that he was treated with the same sadistic hatred in his “mental hospital” that he would be treated with in jail. This website is filled with those stores of people being mistreated in “mental hospitals” and people die from mysterious violent deaths there every year.
    Also by the way, I looked though your comment history. It seems you are here at madinamerica because of your obsession with your “add.”
    You must know of course that your daily use of stimulants which mimic cocaine makes you at risk for psychosis. Just know that if that happens, the attention and pity you get for your “Add” will go away. After your stimulant induced breakdown you’ll be as hated and feared by psychiatry/anyone else who knows about your new “diagnosis” as your “neighbor” in your little story.

  • Does this article hit a little too close to home Sandra? Recognize yourself a little bit? Don’t you assign people labels for a living? Why are you in a space for psychiatric survivors and telling us what to call our abusers?