Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • Thank you for your support but to say these people do it because they can get away with it is not true. It is seriously affecting my husband’s health & quality of life & worse is not being able to understand himself why his reaction is so extreme or even remember what triggered it.
    Unfortunately not everyone is in a position financially to walk away & rebuilding your life as a mature person with few resources & little real support a mission.
    I say little real support because the comments to this article alone indicate how little understanding there is of the problem.
    Labeling the problem as a behavioral issue due to poor parenting reduces the severity of the issue & its consequences.
    Mental health issues are very difficult to define & characterize but by putting labels on them we can perhaps start the long journey towards understanding their origins, even if it requires those labels to be redefined along the way.
    Conventional medicine had to start that way & for too long mental health disorders have been ignored by the medical fraternity & relegated to institutionalizing people to separate them from society hence the reluctance to seek treatment.
    Every industry has its quacks but that does not mean the journey to better understanding should not be started because we get some things wrong along the way.
    These forums have a lot of angry posts from individuals on medication because of the way it made them feel.
    That is not a balanced opinion, for that we would need input from the family as to whether their medicated state made life at home more tolerable & they were able to function better in society.
    Research studies not internet diagnoses are the way forward.
    But who will fund the research except pharmaceutical companies in the hope of formulating a medicine they can sell?
    People rant about the hypocrisy of this but they have no problem taking conventional medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol, headaches etc.

  • I opened this link searching for answers to the nightmare of the last ten years with a husband who rages over the smallest pressures or reasons.
    It is disappointing to wade through endless comments from patients disaffected with the practice of psychiatry who clearly have no understanding or experience of the issue, but see these posts as an opportunity to rant.
    By doing so you are preventing desperate people from finding some understanding & hope.
    I too blamed his parenting thinking he hadn’t been taught to control his anger as a child, except I grew up with this man & his parents are competent, caring, non abusive people.
    As remorseful as my husband is after an unprovoked rage, it cannot repair the damage to our marriage, my health, our property & the ripple effect.
    I have not even gotten a pet for company when he is working offshore for months because I am not coping, I could not bring a pet or child into this destructive environment.
    So while some of you glibly label this condition as a ‘normal response to an increasingly angry society’ spare a thought for the victims of what is a very real & highly destructive problem.
    You should limit your opinions to issues you actually have experience of.
    It would have been helpful if this forum had been utilized more by people with the condition & their families. They can share their experiences & ideas.
    Thank you to the two individuals who have this problem, I have spent years trying to explain to family the crazy, impulsive, wild & destructive things my husband does. All they hear is his remorse not my pain.
    At least I know it is a problem, not a reaction to me as many have suggested.