Saturday, September 18, 2021

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  • That’s exactly it. Wall of corporate power in a multi-billion dollar industry.What I finally did after giving up on medical practitioners was go to an addiction clinic for help getting off the SSRI’s after the bad experience before when stopping cold turkey and police taking me in for a psych assessment after telling someone what I’d already been through.

    If you think about it the staff in many addiction clinics are a different breed that try and understand what’s going on in minds of normal people who are less educated than Doctor’s and Psychiatrists. Because of that they don’t have the same tools to use and they’re not handed out free sample quick fixes so they have to be like cave people and talk about the problem that you need a crutch for like booze or addictive non – prescription drugs that you might be afraid of withdrawal from.

  • I can certainly attest to that. PTSD misdiagnosed first as bipolar by a GP, then a psychiatrist specializing in bipolar assesses as MDD with good reasons. Then I learn of treatment to avoid future problems with PTSD while working for the Government that the first GP refuses to believe, but grudgingly has to concede to seeking further assessment from another psychiatrist who says I’m too far gone to even assess it unless we use Risperdal first , recommending starting low and titrating up.

    But the GP is still convinced it has to be bipolar delusions I’ve been telling him about and starts at the max.

    Then I manage to get photographs of the severe beating I got while with the Government that for some reason police had denied and suddenly the GP conceded. Still not sure if what caused him to give up his practice had anything to do with that, but it left me to start all over again with another shrink trying to pull me down the rabbit hole again. I’m ok now though 15 years later after biting the bullet and saying enough is enough. Just please don’t ask me who I am or what I’m doing anywhere. Worse than before I can’t guarantee what my reaction might be.