Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • I apologize Robert. I was referring to Transformation guy and a couple others. He seems rather angry. I appreciate your comments and perspective and am taking it in and processing it all. I can honestly say I have heard much of your experience many times from patients. over and am truly sympathetic. I can only have a positive in my corner of the world by advocating for my patients, which I do wholeheartedly. It starts by listening (or reading) and asking questions. I appreciate your respectful reply.

  • Many opinions, very few facts. I didn’t prescribe medication, I said what I would say to anyone with mental health issues seeking guidance. I am legally (wether you like it or not) qualified to to give that information and did nothing out of my scope of practice. Telling someone to continue seeking help is not wrong, illegal, or unethical by any stretch of the imagination. I am not going to respond to comments baiting for an argument. A factual debate is fascinating especially when absent name calling and insults. I am employed full time, busy with a family, and will respond when I feel so inclined.

  • The only thing I agree with in Lucinda’s statements is that therapy is warranted. One needs to understand what to expect from a psychiatrist and what the expectations of therapy are, as they are very different. Sometimes the therapist can collaborate with the doctor to form a better outcome for the patient. In many situations doctors would be wrong to not also refer to a therapist.

  • Just a few comments of my own:
    1) Why do people always assume that nobody has their best interest at heart. I suspect the large majority in the medical profession, and I speak from many years of experience, do have your interest at heart.
    2) I will attest that, for some unknown reason, there are psychiatrists who do not understand withdrawal from psych meds and benzos but some do. Find one of them! These drugs are powerful and should be used very judiciously. When they are correct they can be miraculous.
    3) I am a Board Certified Mental Health Psychiatric Nurse and I can not prescribe or oversee an MD. Perhaps you saw a Nurse Practitioner?
    4) Why is psychiatry a pseudo-science but no other brand of medicine is? For every disease/illness you will find every doctor has a different approach, mental or physical. This is why they call it “medical practice.”
    5) You obviously need intensive help and some sort of medication(s). I am not saying this to be rude, mean, or judgmental; simply to say: do not cast aside all help and medications to the point of having a low quality life. Apparently, you do need to doctor shop. An in-patient stay with a long observation would be advisable.