Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Hi Daniel,

    I would appreciate your comment on my situation since you said you didn’t seem to be getting much benefit out of undergoing psychotherapy yourself.

    My problem was that I was bored with my monotonous job (IT, same job for last 9 years) and in spite of being 34 years old (now) I was still single and starting to feel lonely and afraid I might be stay single for the rest of of my life.

    I’ve been in 4 psychotherapies in the course of last 5 years, each one lasting 4-8 months. They never helped, caused me to overthink things even more, made me more self-concious and I became less spontaneus and less sure of myself.

    Friends started to ask me why I was so sad. The psychotherapists kept saying that it was normal to feel bad before one feels good. But I never felt we made any progress in spite of 8 months in psychotherapy. Nothing changed externally in my life, or even internally in the thoughts I would have in my head on a daily basis.

    Am I not crazy for thinking that if psychotherapy is not benefiting me after 4-8 months in itthen it’s probably not worth it? I really do feel that this whole method of psychotherapy is putting me down and nothing constructive comes out of it, but it seems that everyone calls me a quiter and impatient.

    Would be curious to hear your perspective on this, Daniel