Thursday, December 2, 2021

Comments by Blade

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  • So much hatred for lithium. It is an amazing drug for many mental issues, it works better than most if not all drugs. For me, nothing else worked, but Lithium has made me stable and healthy.

    It is true it is very bad, I myself and experiencing issues now, and I am young.

    However Lithium is a great short term drug. Many people who go off of it (and similar drugs) often pretend to use other “healthier” methods and such, but I have seen it with my own two eyes many times, it almost always fails.

    Conspiracy theorists are paranoid, and they want more from life than exists. Lithium and other drugs have dangerous side affects, that is what happens when you put chemicals in your brain. But nine times out of ten they work great, and they help the patient, despite what paranoid conspiracy weirdos will tell you (with no proof, or proof that can be anything else, far less suspicious but they jump to aliens and Illuminati instead)

    Anyways long story short, Lithium increases intelligence, helps with mood issues, and is by far the most effective drug for Bipolar. Long term use is sadly out of the picture, but for some, the kidney risk is worth it for the solid and healthy lifestyle Lithium can and almost always promotes.

    I swear, these comments saying they took Lithium, Lithium is nothing like they describe. Not sure what they took, but it was not lithium or they took other crap with it (alcohol, other pills)