Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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  • I have something to say…I experienced it and I would NEVER wish this on anyone – only 2 weeks to respond? I was 17 years old, (I am currently 61) and it was an attempt to silence me, from atrocities that occurred in my youth. It still brings me to tears, when I share that I experienced this….even though I have spent many years healing, it is still a “black mark” in my past. Haunted by staying silent, and afraid to speak up. Dr. Breggin’s books and conference he used to attend were a great help to me…..but even today – before I saw this article I was sharing a bit of my experiences with others, and I am still shaken by them. ECT is not help, it is one of the most severe forms of abuse delivered to someone that is already in severe emotional pain. It is a tool used politically, to silence the victim, and glorify the perpetrator. I am deeply saddened that our society believes so called “experts” such as Psychiatrists, I only wish I could be a voice for reform, however, there are those that would argue that it did “help” me. It did not. I had to persevere, and search for answers on my own, and do the best that I could…….and I have. This is a memory that forever haunts me. Let the Drs. that use it – use it on themselves. That is the only group that I can recommend it for. Then maybe, if they can still use their mind, might feel differently.