Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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  • Bob,
    I posted a comment looking for a response from you (or others) a few weeks ago, I think after the March 22 date of the last comment listed. I checked a day or two later and found no response. Now it has disappeared. Maybe you clear out comments after a certain date?

    I said that I think Psychiatry Under the Influence is a groundbreaking book. It is so tightly and thoroughly argued. Why isn’t it getting more exposure? It seems like no none of my mental health worker colleagues have seen it. Admittedly it is less popularized in it’s style and more fully packed with research references than Anatomy of an Epidemic, which seemed to receive widespread exposure. But I just wonder if you are getting more resistance to it from publishers, distributers, etc. because of it’s radical nature?

    Bill Cahalan
    Clinical Psychologist

  • I am a clinical psychologist who saw my first client, as a trainee in a state psychiatric hospital, in 1968. I’ve worked in five inpatient setting, counting that one, but for the last several years have worked in an outpatient mental health center. I have been part of starting a local network we call Holistic Mental Health Network to link people looking for alternatives to mainstream psychiatric, “brain disease” approaches to treatment, especially for serious breakdown.

    I recently read Psychiatry Under the Influence. It is so well argued, full of non-sensationalized description of research and other evidence as it describes the last 35 years of institutional psychiatry attempting to carve out their niche. I’ve recommended it to everyone where I now work, but only one person even gave it a cursory look. (I bought an extra copy to have available for borrowing). I haven’t seen it around at the big local bookstore,and therapists I’ve mentioned it to have not heard of it.

    What can you say, Bob, about the extent this potentially revolutionary book of yours (and Lisa Cosgrove)– going further than your previous books– is or is not receiving the publicity and distribution it deserves? I think it may be creating so much cognitive dissonance in many professionals and others that they just turn away from even giving it a good look.

    Bill Cahalan
    Cincinnati, OH