Monday, November 28, 2022

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  • JanCarol if everyone thought like you there would be no computer for you to type on, you wouldn’t have the luxury of dual citizenship of Australia and America to naval gaze in either country, which protects you to do that.

    It is people who pursue happiness that give us the luxuries we have, again if you find happiness on a dirt floor in a poor country you are free to leave the first world.

  • It’s that kind of thinking that perpetuates sadness, why do you think we should have hard lives like the people before us? You belittle their sacrifices when you do that.

    World War 2 Vets, the Founding Christians who defeated England with their sacrifices, all of that was not so that we suffer like they did, but enjoy the fruits of their labors and are able to pursue happiness.

  • JanCarol why do you think that is a poor country to begin with?

    Why do you live in America or type on your computer if you believe happiness is in ‘moments’, and not some poor country in the dirt drawing on cave walls?

    The Pursuit of Happiness is what many brave poor Christians sacrificed for, and they were led by rich landowning founding fathers.

    We all have the right to pursue happiness whether by religion or wealth in America.

  • I agree with everything except ” the cost of their treatment and their disability payments”.

    Psychiatric drugs do not increase the cost of their treatment and disability payments as the pharmaceutical companies can make generic ones dirt cheap, and disability payments are fixed income.

    When you say untruths like this you hurt poor people who need disability money because they are unhappy that they do not have a good paying job to be independent.

    Many of the poor are too broken and crippled by the system to ever work again, please do not work to take their money away and slave them in capitalism.

  • The founding Christians were poor people who sacrificed so that we could have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Voluntary death is just as stupid as giving someone medications for unhappiness and thoughts of death.

    Everyone naturally wants to live, if you don’t want to accept the religion then accept biology. If you want to encourage voluntary death you are discouraging voluntary life. Look for ways to relieve pain, suffering, and sadness, your work would be more productive that way.

  • Vladimir Lenin, “He who does not work shall not eat” is a necessary principle under socialism.

    Would you of sound mind choose to be homeless?

    By your own logic the homeless are too sad to work for low pay, because it pays more to live on the street. Capitalists call it laziness, socialists call it sadness, the taxpayer calls it mental illness.

    Take your pick, but if you do not have enough money to be happy under your own free will, you become a problem to a free society.

  • People who are pursuing happiness generally do not need money from others, such as the taxpayer.

    If you are employed or rich enough to exist in sadness, or whatever emotion you are inspired by at the moment, remember that not everyone is as fortunate as you.

    For Americans in particular, the founding people sacrificed for your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

  • I agree that some sad people don’t want to be happy, because they think they can’t be happy.

    Don’t forget that many sad people want to be happy., but can’t.

    Don’t put all into one box, some don’t want to be happy because they think they can’t be happy, and some do want to be happy but cannot be happy.

  • Wouldn’t you want to lobotomize someone who does not work and must be supported by you because they are too sad?

    There are some people who are unable to earn their own freedom with a good paying job, you may not want to lobotomize them chemically, but how will you force them to have the freedom you do?

    Taking away their ability to pay rent may be a worst fate than a lobotomy.

  • You make correct points in profiting from mental illness, but you also fail to provide compassion for those who cannot work like you do from being too sad?

    Those disability benefits are money the sad participants of society need.

    It is equally as cowardly to tie financial support to the over profiteering from ‘mental illness’ or sadness.

  • Don’t pretend to know what’s best for mentally ill people who can’t work, let them tell you. Yes the goal is getting them off the handouts as the taxpayers aren’t compassionate when they are told these are the lazy ones. Let the benefits be a stepping stone, don’t use the logic that encouraging them back to work means taking away their money with reviews. Encourage work by increasing the incentive with more already receiving help, and most of all don’t judge the sick judge the rich who aren’t creating good high paying jobs that make people happy to begin with. No one wants to flip burgers and be oppressed by minimum wages, and don’t force people to do those jobs that don’t want to do them by coercive measures of taking their benefits away.