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  • After reading that, I’m glad that God is my only editor. It is one of the fascinating parts of our world, that the writing ‘talent’ on websites is re-written by people who don’t understand what the writer was even getting at.

    I don’t mean this as saying where you’re at is the wrong place, but I do not think I could or would want to get to a different way of identifying. No matter how many voices I speak or write, they are all me. Petulant me is the same identity as gracious me.

    Although I think of myself as experiencing the same thing you call schizophrenia, I think the reason I am unable to get a diagnosis, is because of how I relate to delusions.

    A delusion is a belief that forms when God asks me to believe in a lie, and I choose to do so. God can have us think thoughts for just this reason: so we can use our brains to discern between truth and falsehood, and eventually, if enough people discern well enough, God arrives on Earth and everyone lives happily ever after. It is not for me to judge whether someone else’s beliefs are formed of truth or lies, only to judge whether it would be truth or lie for me to adopt the same belief. Mostly we don’t need to believe the same things to get to God, only agree on the essentials.

    Technically anyone who believes delusions exist, is delusional according to the definition of the word. I suspect that the ‘professionals’ I’ve seen cannot fault my logic, and are thus forced to adopt a delusional belief about me as a consequence (e.g ‘he’s malingering or something’) but of course they never tell me their beliefs, as believing in anything is seen as a sign of weakness these days, they just imply that the mental health wing is for people who aren’t me.

  • That is brilliant. I can relate to a lot of your story (I died on April 15 2014).

    I never got any sort of diagnosis, but a few weeks ago I went into hospital and told them that while I would never harm myself or others, I often hear voices asking me if I want to, which of course makes me think of the act. Needless to say, the voices soon started, and I was pleased to note they were all external and coming from people who worked at the hospital. After a brief 8 hour pause, to get dragged off to my little concrete cell, get forcibly drugged and have a long dreamless nap, I eventually got to see a psychiatrist. After learning that I had pet quail I had to feed, she was nice enough not to keep me over night.

    God often tells me that the mental health system must have some purpose that I am too uneducated to see. That it’s not just some weird relic of a Christian society that feels the need to punish anyone else to tries to pass on messages from God. The only thing I know for certain, is that God is possible, and He definitely tests me with lies.

    I would not feel right claiming to be schizophrenic when no doctors have said that is the case. But I don’t think I’d really want to anyway, since people fail to realize that stigma isn’t found in how we treat mentally ill people, stigma is found in treating people as mentally ill.

    I think a self-diagnosable label of ‘Angel’ would cover anyone who wants it. There is no hierarchy in Heaven anyway, but we’re not there yet, since all we have at this point is a weird-ass Thing that plants creativity bombs in our souls, and then detonates them seemingly at random, often at the most inappropriate times.

    My sorrow will be
    To Fall and come back
    Exactly the way I was
    All the freedom in all the worlds
    In the same body
    With my own voice
    With God’s own choice
    God is unspoken
    That is all

  • Yep, can relate to all you described. But it appears we were healed because we were in no way connected with the mental health care system of our country. I think you are erroneously assuming that because some people say it heals them, that it heals some people. What if talk therapy is not the best option for anyone, and we are the only examples of actual healing occurring? Every talk therapy success story seems to come packaged with tightly wound strings attached. i.e another mental break just waiting to happen.

    Would a goal of abolishing our mental health care system, and using the money to fund a community driven outdoorsy Basic Income work scheme be classified as sane or delusional? I bet there’d be a lot more people getting better.

  • I was not suggesting a person cannot be helped by therapy. I agree it is situational, and healing in therapy is possible a lot of the time, depending on the particular issue a person is facing, combined with the ability of the therapist.

    However, to my knowledge there has never been a study comparing mental health outcomes of people treated with psychotherapy and people treating themselves with physical labour. In my own experience, after my little break with normality, I eventually found a good therapist, but didn’t get too much from the experience, other than a bit of human kindness. What helped me was I also took up volunteer ecological restoration (gardening). That did more for my mental state than anything else, and I’m now also in decent shape for the first time in forever, which has a positive feedback-loop effect.

    I dont have to pay to talk to my fellow volunteers, either. We share our trials and tribulations quid pro quo. Ironically, I think the part I disliked most about therapy, was the seeming expectation we’d be talking about me most of the time.

  • Wouldn’t call it a con game. Like any faith-based healing system, psychotherapy’s adherents believe in it. What’s more, confirmation bias proves there’s more to psychotherapy than us doubters can see.

    I do not believe. I think the problem with psychotherapy is that it’s not a con game: i.e a significant portion of our world’s GDP is assigned to a faith based healing practice.

  • I was more suggesting that when presented with a wrong path (I generally agree on Discordian maxims – there are only wrong paths), that we don’t follow the wrong path, but that we follow the opposite of the wrong path. While there are many opposite paths, as long as we take one, we’ll end up heading in the right direction.

    It’s tricky to talk about any topic. All I can really do is go with the meaning I derive from your words, ask if I think there might be an an alternate meaning that you preferred, if I can see two meanings, and hope you will do the same. A conversation between two people is not much different than what happens when a mind cracks.

    For example, I read the last couple sentences of your comment as generalizations, not super helpful. And, although I immediately think your twisted truth references are meant to be directed at me, I have learnt by experience that this is probably not true, I am reading that meaning in all by myself, and that you are probably just generalizing. As a bonus, I also do not infer a meaning that would destroy our ability to further communicate.

    I agree, there is no crazy, there is only truth and lies. And while I am usually the first to see the symbolic or sarcastic meaning in what are labelled delusions by lazy drug-pushers, I have also seen that behind every ‘delusional’ belief, there is a sane person who believed at least one lie was true. For example, I have a friend who’s trapped in both our medical system and his own mind by a schizophrenia diagnosis. By asking him lots of questions, I have confirmed that most of the crazy shit he says is indeed just overly-complex symbolism, or too-hard-to-get humour. But some of his beliefs are not metaphors and cannot be truth in any sense of the word. They need a dishonest Diety for truth to still be possible.

  • You are absolutely right, that what we call mental health issues are questions answered by the spiritual side of a human being. Notice I didn’t say you are relatively right, or that you are right, and so are all the people who believe completely different things.

    But you don’t really seem to draw any conclusions from your Jesus example, or your youthful episode as God in person. I realize this is partly due to the short space. You must have drawn some conclusions to be writing fluently today, instead of lying strapped to a bed in some hospital while insisting you are our Creator.

    I prefer looking at our experiences and thoughts as possibly coming from another entity – God. God’s role is to help re-calibrate our little human brains, after trauma, drugs, genetics or whatever cause us to start to tune out. God does this by sending us thoughts/visions/voices, the content of which is important for the individual thinking/seeing/hearing it. The goal of these calibration exercises are to accept truth, and invert anti-truth into truth then accept it, using yourself and other people to answer questions that might arise.

    However, this would require us to accept that God tells us satirical anti-truth (Satan) as well as truth. If you read the Bible, you will see that Jesus’ words are all consistent with a guy who realizes God is telling everyone around him that he’s some crazy fella, and that they should feel uncomfortable whenever he talks about God and not ask him questions under any circumstances. With the unsurprising result that he eventually dies with all his disciples none the wiser about the nature of Satan.

    This God is not ‘nice’. But a God who can ask us to do evil, because He wants us to do the opposite, is the only way to solve the problem of evil, and the only way to explain the symptoms of what so many call illness.