Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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  • Whoa! Jews are people. Yes, Greenspan was Jewish. So was Jesus who was so pissed off at the money changers that he turned over the tables. And the writer who chose to highlight the Jewish Greenspan neglected to mention the founders of this country who built the capitalist structure tied into British banks who weren’t Jewish. Or all of the non-Jewish capitalists out there.
    For a great history of capitalism I recommend Ellen Brown’s book, Web of Debt. She not only gives the history, but also suggests solutions to our current financial mess.
    Also of note, Many Jews were historically forced to go into money lending when the countries they lived in forbid them to own property or be professionals.
    Lastly, the Old Testament has laws to forgive debt every 7 years and to return land to its original owners every 50th year, the Jubilee, to help prevent the over accumulation of wealth by some and give everyone a second chance.
    But Check out Ellen Brown’s book, as well as Howard Zinn’s book, The People’s History of the United States, for a more balanced look at our capitalist history. Jews are people. There are philanthropists and environmentalists, and there are greedy people.
    This comment is being written by someone Jewish who is studying how to build a steady state and socially just economy. And for this, check out Dietz and O’Neill’s book, Enough is Enough.
    I think we all need to stop projecting hatred and blame on any group in particular and use that energy to seek solutions to our problems and work together.