Friday, October 7, 2022

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  • the system is very bad I am current in forced treatment but even if they let me out of it. I can tell you a story that happens all the time in mental healthcare.

    my wife wanted to buy this huge house I mean giant house

    and i objected

    then we moved into the giant house and could not afford it

    she filed for separation

    then while fighting to get back into the house with her

    she called the police

    and said I was mentally unstable and she was scared

    so i was sitting in my apartment

    reading a book two days later

    and two police officers came to the door

    I answered the two officers started to arrest me

    I turned to ask them why and they said

    we have a detention order here for your arrest

    well in the struggle he pitched my thumb in a pressure point that

    made the thumb go numb

    after they handcuffed me he was explaining to

    the other officer that people like me can be extremely violent

    which is not true at all

    I spent a day in the police sub station

    until the bed was available

    at CPAT for a week or two they drugged me until I didnt want to be awake anymore

    then release me back to my apartment like nothing happened