Monday, December 5, 2022

Comments by Huami

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  • The Neurotoxing pHARMaceutiKILLING “Mental Health”/Pseudoscience Psychiatry AND Their Neurotoxing “Psyche Meds” took my “life” away slowly starting at age 16. The first “anti depressant” I was on (Imipramine) I just found out this last year can cause Psychosis. The pHARMaceutiKILL Merygoround of “Mental Health’s” LIES and Multiple Neurotoxing “Side Effects” for (too) many years until two years ago when I “woke up” too the Cheap Car Salesman Lines from the “Mental Health” Predators and stopped taking Their Neurotoxins. Unfortunately by Cold Turkey. I already knew through the last two rounds of meds I was getting damaged and losing my “life” and health even more every day. Medical Arrogance, Ignorance and Hostility I’ve experienced for Years when I’ve wanted/spoke for “Alternative” HEALING including Today. Every day from The Skanks and Their Skank children/friends in communities I’m in. Medically ARROGANT, IGNORANT and HOSTILE Predators. Or SKANKS for short.

  • ” I could speak to the offensiveness of medical facilities and even hospitals dressing themselves up in pricey, painted bricks and ‘recovery’-oriented names.”

    If I can add Homeless Shelters (The one I’m in Now and others in the last year.) with Their Black and White Thinking “Health Care”/”Mental Health” Medically Arrogant, and “Educated” Neurotoxers. “Helping PEOPLE.” They have NO Guilt and NO Shame.

  • Thank you. In childhood I had two frontal concussions and in teens two or three more minor unhospitalized while drunk/high. “Mental “Health”” always said “not the/a problem” along with the PTSD Disasociative Amnesia diagnosis from sexual abuse/emotional/physical(?) abuse at “home.” I found out recently (Dr. Breggin site?) my first antidepressant (age 16) can cause psychosis. I was on Wellbutrin for years going through anger/”sex freak” thoughts. Second last round I was talked into Ritalin which of course started abusing as well as porn(more). Lost my daughter and went into mental health “rehab” for six months. Last round 1.5 yrs ago was Abilify,Cymbalta and two sleepers (can’t remember what they were now). I’m So ****ing lost now and lost kids/family/girlfriend. Little focus/short term memory. Thanks for years of help” “Mental “Health.”” You Really know how to Destroy People.