Sunday, May 16, 2021

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  • I think any of us who experience mental ill health are all in a position where we want to understand why… and I think that leads us all in differing directions. My understanding of Stephen Fry is that he has made a programme about mental ill health, and used his own understanding as a way of helping him better understand his own illness and experience. Although many may disagree with his perspective, it is his right to have a narrative which he uses to understand his and others conditions. I personally manage my mental health largely without medication, and this is hard but I prefer it, and can absolutely root it to many experiences in my past. My husband however, is completely unable to function without medication, with insight and understanding of his condition, and really having nothing in his life to root it to, he is completely reliant on medication to function. Interestingly my ‘type’ of illness appears to run down one side of the family (Grandfather, mother and me) all having been hospitalised, or under close supervision. We have all had very different lives, so it leads me to wonder if we have a ‘vulnerability’… I don’t know. But I am always open to possibilities and arguments. I think that people who experience mental ill health, are repeatedly silenced by society and the health systems. I am unable shout down a fellow human who has experienced mental ill health because they are not as ‘enlightened’ as the psychological community who are fighting to take mental health out of the medical model. It’s his narrative… we all deserve the right to try and understand our own mind. And I’m not sure there are many people who have done as much to enable others to be honest about their illness in such a public way?