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  • After having side affects from Cipro, the prescribing doctor made a mental health crack. The podiatrist said, yes that’s a tendon tear but we don’t have time for an MRI and you don’t want to come back for it. The internist I went to for nerve pain asked if I thought I was in a deep dark hole and couldn’t get out. Who’s psycho or is that a deliberate attempt to gaslight? Shall I add the Ubers that make you run around the block to look for them and don’t show up or drive away? The pizza delivery couldn’t find the next building? He asked me to come out and walk to the next building for my delivery – What? Sounding the alarm requires communication and action because people are being held under a psychological tidal wave.

  • If your husband was abusing you as mine did, then he was toxic for you. I went to a psychologist who never explained what verbal and psychological trauma abuse was. At least she did’t victim blame me for the behavior that he chose but with her leading and possible hypnosis, I went back for four more years,which included his gaslighting me to court ordered mental health trip. Wish I had had a friend then who both saw the abuse and helped me get out but it was widely accepted. Someone else may have had a friend supporting them, but even after my divorce people chose to distance or harass me over my saving my sanity.

  • I left my abusive husband, went to a psychologist who I didn’t know hypnotizes and went back not to a sorry, repentant man but with a strong urge to see a child off to college. After four and a half years of more abuse, I divorced. If the psychologist had done her job, I wouldn’t have gone back for more – Wish I had never gone for “counseling”!

  • I went to a psychologist for “counseling” for an abusive marriage but she sent me to her associate, a psychiatrist because she doesn’t prescribe sleep medication and I was having trouble sleeping. The psychiatrist said don’t worry you’re not crazy; I will “help”. Then she prescribed Abilify for sleep issues! (Antipsychotic –
    It can treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and Tourette syndrome. It can also treat irritability associated with autism…side effects: trouble sleeping may occur) Scary what’s out there with no accountability.

  • The culture has wreaked havoc on many and then redefines love so as not to have to take responsibility. Dr. Breggin seems to have adopted this new philosophy somewhat. If you don’t accept this new definition, you are bullied. THIS IS NOT LOVE. I will love each one of you by giving you permission to love whom you choose, separate from toxic people, and be mindful to be kind and humane to everyone. If this keeps me from having a better and more loving future then psychotic narcissism is another topic to be discussed.

  • Here’s an analogy. I was being verbally and psychologically abused by my ex-husband. I was also gaslighted by court order to mental health. What loving husband would mistreat his wife and then try to cover it up this way never admitting his wrongdoing? I’ve since divorced, however I am still “blamed” and harassed by unloving and unforgiving people who can’t seem to accept the divorce, allow me to heal and build a life. I suppose this would fit in the “seems to fly in the face of love itself”. I am a loving person, but this response to someone who has already suffered is what is shameful.

  • Alex, I spoke up 18 years ago without my former spouse standing up for me. Not one person who faced their abusers came back and had the guts to speak truth to me face to face. Dews they really care about their fellow mankind? Does drugging someone who can’t remember a conversation count? Hypnosis, implanting, NLP or whatever one considers waking up doesn’t sound like freedom to think or remember. Obviously, no one ever speaks for me, however they do know where I stand. I could spend all day discussing the abuses that you perceive as chronic dependence. I suppose the book of labels which includes defiant something or other is programmed for the readers to believe which would make an interesting mental health behavior study, chuckling with you. Yes, truth is healing but not if it’s hidden around some dark corner.

  • Although I hear some oppositional defiant disorder symptoms in what you say, to me”The system, the greater good, the big picture, the end justifies the means”? Manipulation -propaganda along with “love, love, love” and family trumping truth within that family and I divorced. This discussion is going no where nor will there be any change because the real culprits will never be addressed.

  • What about addressing the gaslighting of the common citizen who speaks up for their community? I separated, no fled, from my husband and went to a psychologist who never called it or addressed it for what I now know it was; verbal and psychological covert trauma abuse so I went back to him with a “marriage” plan that he agreed to. She gave me a copy of her report and I read some things we never discussed, which I denied and she said oh don’t worry about any discrepancies – A year later he had a copy of this report and it was used to court order me to be picked up by the police, taken to court where a judge and attorney interrogated me and on to mental health strip search, drugging etc. A system to cover up a system. Slammed that door shut. Not going out on the crazy train. Your welcome community.

  • I was gaslighted and court ordered to mental health by my verbally and psychologically abusive husband. There one doctor, with no discussion, drugged me and on the way out, another said my civil rights were being violated. I had an MD comment about my mental health when I went back to him for help with the side effects of fluoroquinolones that he prescribed. I went to another for the nerve pain after taking Cipro and he asked if I felt like I was in a deep dark pit and couldn’t get out. I was never given a label face to face but with people who behave like that? Who’s delusional?

  • Any victimization that is voiced in any way is open to gaslighting such as “delusions of persecution” as reported in the “Schizophrenia” publication. Can researchers just discuss that any irresponsible, controlling authority may leave people feeling distress, powerless and defeated which is not mental illness but power play? While education and employment may help people not to be victimized, it still requires resources and opportunities be extended to them instead of being blacklisted.

  • This same manipulation of statistical outcomes is found in Neonatology. They include infanticide, delayed treatment, selective treatment, and discontinued treatment as poor survival rates but all these reasons are not attributed as the cause of death. Preemies do survive with appropriate care, and people get back on their feet without labels and drugs.

  • Many of the mass shooters were reported to either have been on psychotropic drugs or recently off and still altered by them. After one of these incidents, a friend said how he was going to purposely make eye contact and speak a word to everyone around him because he might interrupt the thoughts of someone ready to do this – simply human interaction, communication and caring.

  • I agree with you Nomad. Just like kids using street drugs don’t fully understand the severity of potential side effects, when someone is prescribed these drugs off label they can suffer and not know why. When I asked for help with sleep, I was prescribed Abilify by a Dr who said don’t worry you’re not crazy as I was in a verbally abusive marriage. I went to another doctor who said he doesn’t prescribe this drug as it has so many side affects. After I disco’d the drug, I found out it causes depression, anxiety etc and it’s prescribed for bipolar and schizophrenia! They don’t even know how this drug works. Prescribing off-label, without conscious informed consent and for an unrelated issue is totally unethical and should be illegal as it destroys lives.

  • Frankly, I have had enough of the damn busybodies hanging on every thought I utter. I can’t imagine someone calling the police after you sharing a personal experience. I’ve been violated needlessly and want to remember to avoid these manipulators. This way I’ll also be the friend some didn’t have and keep you out of that pit.

  • We should be mad in America. Who is diagnosing in the first place? Did they do blood work for allergies, toxins or any other physical issue? Did they find the underlying issue for emotional unhappiness? Was there abuse, job loss, divorce, sleep depravation, drug side effects etc? I don’t believe in mental illness but have seen and heard people who are so psychotic and fixated on everyone but themselves who impose labels and drugs on innocent people.

  • Prescribing psychotropic type drugs off label violates conscious informed consent and is unethical. What happens to the patient who sees a doctor for an unrelated issue, is prescribed these drugs, has all the side effects they’re given for, including poor quality of life, yet doesn’t know why they are suffering? A doctor prescribed me a drug a mass shooter was on. I suppose she should be glad I didn’t show up at her office? I wouldn’t take a drug again. If they can’t be a humane , truthful caregiver then perhaps they should find another profession.

  • Thank you for making me laugh out loud because what we went through isn’t funny. Dehumanized is exactly how it feels to have your spouse who is verbally abusing you to get a court order to have you incarcerated in a mental health facility. A squad car came with the order and as I walked away said please get in the squad car or I’ll have to cuff you. I asked him to cuff me and ring the doorbell so my then husband could see what he did. I was taken to court where a judge and attorney interrogated me. My ex fabricated lies because he had been gaslighting me. The psychologist I saw told me not to worry about discrepancies in my records but then submitted them so the discrepancies could be used against me. Then to mental health where they did a strip search because they had to check my clothes? Thankfully didn’t search where the sun doesn’t shine but traumatic enough to have people shaking out your clothes while you stand in your underwear. My antibiotic was taken away as I was told they had to dispense it. Psychiatrist asked why I was there and I said I was having marital problems and sleep issues. At meals you had to fill out on a scale from 1-10 how depressed you are. Well if marriage wasn’t enough.. what would they do next? Always mark low. Now med time and we all line up at window. I started waking up during the night and in the am with migraines but no one would tell me why. A nurse did a physical but wouldn’t answer my questions. The other Dr asked me to stay for a longer evaluation (for what? I was never informed.) because the court document said the judge could send me to the state hospital for six months! That’s when I lost it. Had enough abuse. I chose to risk court, when my hero, a court advocate showed up. He listened to my story and said he wouldn’t let them do that to me. On the way out the female psych Dr said you don’t belong here, your civil rights are being violated but you have a dysfunctional marriage. Still blamed for what was done to me. Although I felt drunk and had migraines they still denied drugging me and gave my full bottle of antibiotics back when I left for court. How can this legally happen? Is it just a blatant lack of respect for life or a deliberate character assassination?

  • “It only has to do with my inability to be employed because of the repeated and calculated disclosures of my personal medical information by those who had something to gain by those disclosures.” How did you know this info was disclosed to potential employers? What did you sign that includes this in a background check? I was gaslighted and court ordered to a mental health facility but never given a bs diagnosis. Dissonance? You should feel at odds because it’s ironic how psychotic those are who are so fixated by labeling people. Blessings to all who speak here to better someone else’s life.

  • “a DSM label that was destroying me” I’m so sorry for what you were put through. I don’t believe a human being was meant to be subjected to abuse that cuts you to the core. Please keep talking and writing because you are the hope that others who are gaslighted need.

  • I was in a verbally abusive marriage. Did that require pyschotropic type drugs and being gaslighted? What about the doctor who prescribed them off label for another issue? I don’t know where the side offects of one began or another ended. Did it matter to them that my children were growing up when their Mother couldn’t give them all the focused attention she would have otherwise? The psychiatrist at the mental health facility that I was court ordered to go to, told me there was nothing wrong with me, my civil rights were being violated, and I was in a disfunctional marriage. Just what I needed? Therapists need an understanding of trauma based control and the hold it has on the one victimized. Drugs are not the answer – being out of that atmosphere was. My children grew up while this Mother’s attention was elsewhere. Now I have to wonder about weight gain and the possibility of overcoming diabetes? I didn’t choose to take these drugs. Time to treat people humanely because next time it could be you –

  • Yes, Nomadic it is criminal for a child to be prescribed these drugs. I call ADD A Daddy’s Drama. There is always a reason however drugs are not the answer or the cover up. It’s also criminal for a woman to be drugged off label to stay in an abusive situation. This isn’t a game. It’s destructive to human life.

  • Don’t tell people to take these drugs! I never would have taken a psychotropic drug or one that works like it. Most of us had serious problems that weren’t resolved and instead of help got drugs, side effects and addictions and because it was off label, I only understand now after I suffered. No more drugs for me.

  • Well, Joe it’s called Gaslighting. How do they know how you behave or what you say in your own home, car, phone etc? I know people who are such busy bodies and gossips that it isn’t possible for them to make judgments in that dilussional state.They constantly violate relationship when they sneak up behind you and listen to private conversation. Of course some people argue loudly in apartment setting or on cell phone and I think they are asking permission to listen!

  • “Pts have the absolute right to know what medications they are being given and when” This is true, however if you consider taking a prescription, you should check every reason it is prescribed. Some doctors are prescribing off label so they can prescribe something for a rash and it affects you similar to a pschotropic drug. How are you to know when the side affects come? Sick of the psycho’s labeling and destroying lives. If the truth were known they are the ones causing the problems in the first place. So tell an abusive woman take drugs and stay with the man? Tell a bullied child to take this drug and stay in a school that doesn’t address this issue? How about the child pumped up school meals, sugar and sodas who can’t sit still? In many of these situations, I see control and money –

  • I was given a hypnotic benzo for sleep at a time I felt desperate for lack of it and had no support. Ask me prior, I would say I’d never take a med for sleep or a psychotropic drug. If I had been informed of the side effects, memory issues, and addictive nature I never would have consented! The people you expected to help you, hurt you with their unethical practices. How can the system get away with court ordering you to mental health facility only to have a psychiatrist tell you what you already know; “There’s nothing wrong with you your civil rights are being violated?” No agency or attorney would touch it and statutes of limitations run out. We only have a story to remember so that we can warn others in similar situations.

  • Recently read oppression causes anger; at least when you start to see it in my opinion. Environment would include interpersonal relationships as well; henceforth the ups and downs if oppressive. Music has also been studied to create new neural pathways.
    Student Blogger @” Well, I say if music be the food for new neural pathways and increased intellectual abilities, by all means, play on.” ; Music and the Brain db=pubmed&cmd=Retrieve&dopt=AbstractPlus&list_uids=17315101&query_hl=22&itool=pubmed_docsum ; Music and Neurology

  • Bradford, how did I miss this comment? You are right on my friend. People have problems and abuse and drugs are not their solution. In my sweet home state you can have someone court ordered to a mental health facility for just about anything. Taken by squad car, interrogated by judge and attorney, strip searched at said place, money stolen, antibiotic taken away supposedly to be dispensed but replaced with psychotropic, later denied. Psychiatrists who say “there’s nothing wrong with you. Your civil rights are being violated.” Who are the delusional?

  • “The “medications” often cause the very things that they’re supposed to take care of.”(Stephen) So true, and if they are prescribed off label, without consent, then you will not know why you are experiencing these life altering negative effects –

  • I’m sorry for your needless suffering, Rachel. I wonder if you were gaslighted too? I had a doctor tell me I wasn’t crazy, however prescribed Abilify for sleep issues! So, I had to follow up with a psychiatrist who said he would never prescribe Abilify because it has so many side effects. He also said I can give you something for sleep but if you wake up during the night you won’t remember what happened. Watch out for hypnotic Benzo’s! Dr. Breggin, think he’s had it with his profession and the experimentation that’s not only going on with these drugs but with what’s creating a “need for psychotropic drugs”?
    Rachel, there are support groups online that can help you taper if you can’t find a humane physician to get you off of them. Best wishes

  • I call ADD, A Daddy”s Drama. I don’t know who came up with the criteria for ADHD but why don’t they diagnose by finding the cause of the issues instead of label and drug? I wouldn’t give my child these drugs without trying every alternative first! As a children’s advocate can you give suggestions such as allergy testing, diet, restricting stimulating activities etc?

  • I should think finding the cause of someone’s difficulties would be the first step before prescribing potential life altering and addictive medications. Talk therapy, stress management and medical tests should be prerequisites and then options should be discussed. These drugs and others that can destroy quality of life are also being prescribed off-label without informed consent!
    Will, I’m requesting that lack of informed consent and holistic treatment be addressed.