Thursday, October 28, 2021

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  • The integration of physical and mental health is downright Orwellian. The way I see it, anyone judged to be mentally defective will simply be denied health care. Eugenics in action.

    I have no faith in this congress to do anything that isn’t in favor of more Empire, more oppression. This is a country that has gone fascist, and it’s going to get a lot worse from here. I don’t expect to survive long enough to see the end of it, unless the shit really hits the fan.

  • That was beautifully written. I got caught in the system when I was too young to know anything (starting at 3!). It wasn’t until my 20s that I could finally live. It’s not the same experience as most here whose first encounter was in their teens or twenties, but with mandates to increase “early intervention” stories like mine will only be more and more common.

    Like all forms of slavery, it is unsustainable and some day it will be legally abolished.

  • “Do we really need psychiatrists when a vending machine will do?”

    This is something I’ve seriously proposed in the past. Dealing with the asinine, money-grubbing shrink causes me more stress than anything useful. At least with the poison pills themselves I know what’s going to happen for good or ill, but there is no limit to the damage bad doctors and therapists can do.

  • re: oldhead

    I tend to be skeptical of over-moderating and banhammering as the only tool. Obviously it is necessary, but I’m used to being in a position where I hold no sway with moderators, and I’m on my own when defending myself. So, it is valuable to call out their BS for what it is, and not spend too much time on the defensive. Calling them out has nothing to do with legitmizing them – I call them out for everyone else. It’s a helpful tactic in online guerilla tactics.

  • Oldhead, this is how fascist disruptors work – taking advantage of their free speech to intimidate and silence anyone who disagrees with them, resorting to bullshit doublespeak if engaged with directly.

    I have no fear of these people and will gladly strike back at them as much as I please.

    In the meantime I hope you don’t leave, because unlike the trolls you’re adding something to the conversation, as have most of the people responding in this thread.

    That is why I said from the start what he is and how best to deal with him. It is useless to give sanctuary to fascists by regarding their bullshit as valid conversation; just pound them the moment they start in.

  • Dangerous clse? It is and always has been eugenics through and through. I would dispute that eugenics “was” a movement, because it has remained alive in the post-war years. It is only now that it is stronger than ever, and opposition to eugenics in the early 20th century has been whitewashed from history.

  • Not “It could happen here” – it does happen here. The only question is how often and how easy it is for the legal system to be turned against someone.

    If someone believes in the intent of the 2A, they would find Murphy’s Law abhorrent, and an example of why it is still relevant today – when a group of people are denied physical AND legal self-defense, they will be walked over by the public and private sector, as we should know from experience.

  • re: education – Having your “hand held” isn’t a benefit. For me it meant being bullied out of regular classes and teachers picking me as the designated problem child, and nothing I did counted, because the school didn’t want me on the college-bound track despite qualifying. Now, being 15 years removed from that, I have nothing left and nothing to show for it, and I can barely hold a normal conversation. Doctors don’t even want to hear about brain damage or auditory processing issues that could be helped, and to this day I am and always will be nothing but Retarded in the eyes of the law, with no escape possible except suicide, which I have been pressured to accept as my fate more than once. They won, I lost.

    I wish every day that I was merely overlooked and left to languish in normal classes, rather than live through their hostile interventions. Ultimately though, the system did what it was supposed to do – put me in my place and made sure I never forget that others have the god-given right to spit on me. There is no reform.