Dr. Reg Peart- A Website on Benzodiazepine Awareness

The website of Dr. Reg Peart, BSc, PhD, president of the Benzodiazepine Awareness Network, and founder and national co-ordinator of VOT (Victims of Tranquillisers) in the United Kingdom.

After suffering from vertigo, Dr. Peart was given a prescription for Valium. This triggered a horrifying journey of misprescribing, misdiagnosis and mistreatment which lasted for many years. It led to psychiatric hospitals and more than 30 sessions of ECT, many while in “cold turkey” Valium withdrawal. Dr. Peart lost his career, marriage, family, home, and suffered severe intellectual impairment. He became unemployed and unemployable, with severe cognitive impairment and other long-term damage. He was rejected and neglected by all the doctors he approached for treatment.

In spite of this, Dr. Peart resurrected his life, and used his scientific background and his personal experience with benzodiazepine dependency to make a significant contribution to those who find themselves in similar situations.  Dr. Peart’s experience in helping people withdraw from benzodiazepines enables him to help even those with the most difficult withdrawals.

Through his work with VOT, he helps promote awareness of side-effects, adverse reactions and dependence caused by tranquillisers and other psychoactive drugs. VOT also helps, supports and provides information for those who suffer medical and legal problems resulting from these drugs.

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The website can be accessed here.