Informed consent and pro-choice when it comes to drugs and medications

MIA Blogger Monica Cassani writes at her website, Beyond Meds, about the importance of informed consent and choice when it comes to getting on or coming off psychiatric medications.  She writes, “I wrote all the below having been gravely harmed by prescribed psychiatric drugs. I was not given the information I needed to make a real choice and in fact was told many things that are simply untrue.  I am drug free today but I am not free from the harm the drugs wrought in my life. I am very motivated to help people find options that they might not feel forced to take drugs. Feeling forced, is not really a choice at all, is it? Until the time we have a sane infrastructure of care, we must be both pragmatic and compassionate about the reality on the ground today, while working to change it as quickly as possible that fewer people will be harmed.”

Read Monica’s piece at Beyond Meds here.