What People Need to Know About Psychiatric Drugs

A booklet written by MIA Blogger Janet Currie and E. Daisy Anderson.  From the introduction: “This booklet provides basic information about the most frequently prescribed psychiatric drugs in Canada. It describes their classes and names, the usual reasons why they are prescribed and the most common side effects [adverse reactions]. It includes questions you should ask your doctor if a psychiatric drug is recommended and tips to help yourself. Use this booklet as a guide to gather information needed to make informed decisions about your health.”

Table of Contents:

  1. What this Booklet is About
  2. Why People Might be Prescribed a Psychiatric Drug
  3. How Do People Know What They’re Taking?
  4. Drug Classes
  5. Being Informed
  6. The Power of Hope
  7. How People Can Help Themselves
  8. Other Prescription Drugs that Can Cause Mental and Emotional Problems
  9. More Information

Printed copies of this booklet can be ordered here.  It is available as a PDF download here.