The Accidental Addict: Sleeping pills and tranquillisers that make you sick

A book by Di Porritt and Di Russell.  “The Accidental Addict (Sleeping pills and tranquillisers that make you sick) is an older benzo related book, but is no less valuable in its contributions to the benzo ill person than any of the newer books. This little book is a very easy read, as well as informative due to its structure and content.

The first half of the book is a collection of personal stories written by those who have experienced benzo withdrawal. Such stories provide a great source of validation and comfort, reassuring the reader that their suffering is benzo withdrawal induced.

 The second half of the book provides a list of benzo withdrawal symptoms, a detailed description of each symptom, along with helpful tips on how to navigate through this time of suffering. Again, this provides the reader with another source of validation and understanding about their benzo-induced health condition. I highly recommend this book to, not only the benzo ill person, but also to family members and friends as a point of reference and information to enable them to provide support to their suffering loved one.”   (From the Tranquilliser Recovery and Awareness Place website)

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Keywords: benzodiazepine withdrawal