Weaning Psychotropics, by Jonathan Prousky, ND

“When Patients Want to Get Off Their Psychotropic Medication(s): Effective Strategies for Limiting Withdrawal and Destabilization” is a manual on weaning psychotropics written by Jonathan Prousky, ND. ¬†It begins, “For over a decade I have focussed the majority of my clinical practice on the evaluation and treatment of mental health disorders. One of the most common requests I receive from patients is their desire to reduce or discontinue their psychotropic medications. It is entirely appropriate for patients to request this. Their psychotropic drugs might be doing more harm than good and creating many objectionable side effects, which are limiting rather than enhancing quality of life (Moncrieff 2006a). They might want to see how they feel and function once their psychotropic drugs are reduced and/or discontinued. They might also wish to be drug-free.”

This free manual can be accessed here.


Keywords: psychiatric drug withdrawal; doctor-written guide for tapering; weaning psychotropics