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Remembering Bhargavi Davar: A Global Leader in the Struggle for Human...

Bhargavi Davar was a global leader in the struggle for human rights, with her work as a psychiatric survivor activist simply one aspect of that work.

When HVN Ireland Meets HVN Athens

Chairperson of Hearing Voices Network Ireland Owen Ó Tuama on the joy and power of community for voice-hearers across the globe.

Can We Talk About Spirituality? The Medicalization of Transpersonal Experiences

Even social work and psychotherapy rarely leave space for lived experiences of spirituality, though it instills hope, strength, and meaning.

Deconstructing the Word Trauma: What Does it Mean Today?

"Trauma" is a pandora's box of a narrative. Most writings on the subject emanate from the Global North. Is trauma the 'same' in the Global South?

Is Public Psychiatry Responding to the Mental Health Crisis or Just...

What sense did it make that he had been through hundreds of pages of notes worth of treatment and yet was still essentially un-helped?

Psychosis Treatment: Numbing the World of Spirit

In my experience, antipsychotic drugs aimed at “managing” schizophrenia work by numbing the individual’s sensibility to the world of spirit.

Who Do We Leave Behind When We Ignore the Body? Why...

Implications for those at the intersection of mental health and chronic illness.

How Danish Journalism Misleads About Psychiatry

On the multiple errors found in a Danish newspaper article about adult ADHD.

Irish Open Dialogue Shut Down—Despite Expert Report Stating It Should Be...

The value-base and proven positive outcomes of Open Dialogue need to be expanded, not closed.

Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death

Overtreatment with drugs kills many people, and the death rate is increasing. Why have we allowed this drug pandemic to continue?

What Is “Care” in a Psychiatric Medical Camp for the Unhoused...

Indian doctoral scholar Neha Jain wonders what kind of ‘care’ and ‘help’ are possible in the absence of real consent.

Witless and Dangerous? Challenging the Assumptions of the ‘Schizo’ Paradigm

Despite growing awareness that ‘schizophrenia’ is not a scientifically valid concept, the old assumptions still drive clinical practice.

Tapering Strips: A Practical Tool for Personalised and Safe Tapering of...

Tapering strips are one of the practical tools mentioned in the new Maudsley Guidance.

From the Dopamine Theory to the Outcomes Paradox

Why does long-term use of neuroleptics correlate with poorer social and occupational outcomes?

The Significance of Semiotics in Social Work

Mental health treatment requires more than words; it demands a deep understanding of the unspoken, the symbols and signs that permeate our lives.

On the Brink of Murder Because of an Antidepressant

After being put on antidepressants, Katinka started hallucinating wildly, thinking in very violent images.

Bad Science Revisited: “The Bell Curve” Turns 30

Critiquing the wildly popular 1994 eugenicist book, which purported to link IQ and race, by reviewing the supposed genetic evidence.

Szasz and the Liberation of the “Mental Patient”

By setting standards of equality, competence, and accountability, Szasz worked for the liberation of the "mental patient.”

The Experience of Survivors of Psychiatry in Brazil

The suffering caused by physical, sexual or psychological violence, common in women's lives, is pathologized by psychiatry.

Medical Journals Refuse to Retract Fraudulent Trial Reports That Omitted Suicidal...

The published articles underreported suicide-related events and provided false claims that the drugs were effective.