Town Hall Resources

The following list of references has been provided by Adele Framer, Will Hall, David Healy and Nicole Lamberson to accompany our town hall discussion held on May 14, 2021. Click here to find general support resources.

Selected Research Papers and Links

From Adele Framer

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From Will Hall

More information on the Maastricht antipsychotic withdrawal study and Will’s free withdrawal guide –

From Nicole Lamberson

Acute and Persistent Withdrawal Syndromes Following Discontinuation of Psychotropic Medications –

Response to the above article by Dr. Christy Huff –

W-BAD World Benzodiazapine Awareness Day. (2020). PROTRACTED WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME (PWS). World Benzodiazapine Awareness Day July 11

From David Healy


Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) –