Slide Presentations

These are updated slide presentations related to Robert Whitaker’s Anatomy of an Epidemic, and Psychiatry Under the Influence, a book he co-wrote with Lisa Cosgrove.


Anatomy of an Epidemic: The History and Science of a Failed Paradigm of Care
Vancouver, Canada
April 2016

Rethinking the Use of Psychiatric Drugs
London, UK
November 2016

Psychiatry Under the Influence:
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
April 2016

Affective Disorders

Affective Disorders in the Age of Prozac
Santiago, Spain
May, 2016

Causation Not Just Correlation: Disability in the Age of Prozac
U.K. Parliamentary Work Group
May 2016


The Case Against Antipsychotics
McGill Medical School Grand Rounds
September 2016

Pediatric Disorders

Medicating Children: Science, Commerce, and Long-term Outcomes
NYU Conference
September 2016

Medicating Children: When Long-term Outcomes Are Considered, Is This an Evidence-Based Practice?
Santiago, Spain
May, 2016

Medicating ADHD: If Long-term Outcomes Are Considered, Is This an Evidence-based Practice?


Antipsychotics in Open Dialogue Therapy: A Best Use Model of Care