Friday, September 29, 2023

Tag: bias in the social sciences

DARPA Wants to Build a BS Detector for Science

From Wired: A new grant from DARPA will fund research into ways to determine which research from the social and behavioral sciences is credible, and which has flawed methodology...

What a New University in Africa is Doing to Decolonize Education

From The Conversation: A new university in Africa is taking steps toward decolonizing the social sciences, including assigning students non-English texts, studying non-textual sources, and...

“What Journalists Get Wrong about Social Science”

Vox interviews twenty scientists about their biggest gripes with the journalists who report on their studies. For example, “journalists often want clear answers to...

“Why Science Needs to Publish Negative Results”

Emma Granqvist is leading the push for open access journals, like New Negatives in Plant Science, which are platforms for negative, unexpected or controversial results in...