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Dear Son: A Mother’s Experience of Psychiatry, Racism and Human Rights

I wanted to spare you, my son, from suffering like I did. I wanted to give you every opportunity I could. You have grown into a good man, a caring and successful man, yet you still have to fear for your life in this country. You still feel pain when you see what is happening.

Mourning? – Yes; Forgiveness? – No. Healing from Trauma

Mourning is the biological process that allows us to relinquish and deactivate the brain mappings that result from trauma. By facing the pain, we can truly put it behind us, where it no longer rules us. In so doing, one writes a new play that is infused with authenticity and love.

ā€œForgiving Others Can Protect You From Depressionā€

A new study out of the University of Missouri examines the relationship between forgiveness and depression. Medical Daily reports, ā€œwhile your therapist might tell you to forgive yourself when times get tough, itā€™s not always just self-forgiveness that decreases depression. Rather, forgiving others seems to have the most positive impact.ā€