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“My Response to Responses to My Critique of ‘Skepticism’”

Following up on the responses to his talk criticizing “skeptics,” science journalist John Horgan defends the work of Robert Whitaker and Anatomy of an...

“Science Journalist Takes a Skeptical Look at Capital-S Skepticism”

Scientific American journalist John Horgan criticizes self-identified “Skeptics” for focusing on easy targets and ignoring the failings of modern science and medicine. Among his...

“The Psychology of Terrorism: Q&A with John Horgan”

The Scientific American reprints their interview with psychologist and terrorism expert John Horgan following the attacks in Paris on November 13th. “An issue I find problematic right now is the idea that to prevent terrorism, we have to first prevent radicalization… There are far more people who hold "radical" views than will ever become involved in terrorism, and there are plenty of terrorists (who are already small in number – a point we tend to forget) who don’t initially hold radical views but drift into terrorism regardless.”