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Brave New Apps: The Arrival of Surveillance Psychiatry

Large, centralized, digital social networks and data-gathering platforms have come to dominate our economy and our culture. In the domain of mental health, huge pools of data are being used to train algorithms to identify signs of mental illness. I call this practice surveillance psychiatry.

With Great Health Data Comes Great Potential for Bias

From Pacific Standard: Technology is increasingly collecting and sharing data on individuals' mental and physical health, which is then converted into useable knowledge, such as recommendations about...

‚ÄúPersonalized Medicine: A Faustian Bargain?‚ÄĚ

In a guest blog for the Scientific American, Eleonore Pauwels and Jim Drawta write about the ‚Äúdark side of the data revolution ‚ÄĒthe successor to the Industrial Revolution, with personal data as the new coal, oil or shale gas to be extracted or traded away, enshrined in an updated Faustian pact.‚ÄĚ