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Terry Lynch: The Doctor Who Stands for Truth

In a Sunday newspaper in 2001, Mary read an article entitled ‚ÄėThe Doctor, who won‚Äôt do Drugs.' It was written to mark the publication of a new book ‚ÄėBeyond Prozac‚Äô by Limerick-based Dr. Terry Lynch. In our co-authored book, ‚ÄėSoul Survivor - A Personal Encounter with Psychiatry‚Äô, Mary describes her first meeting with Terry. ‚ÄúI was so inspired and encouraged by the article and the book that I wanted to thank him personally. I managed to locate his phone number and spoke to him for the first time. I subsequently met him a number of times and the enthusiasm and sincerity of the man were like a good tonic. From the word go, he believed in me as a survivor just as much as I believed in him as a professional and above all as a good thinker, someone who didn‚Äôt take things at face value and had the courage of his convictions. He listened to me, encouraged me and his great understanding of the psychiatric system greatly helped me."