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Mindfulness and Complex Trauma: The Rewards and the Risks

What media hype and those selling mindfulness donā€™t tell you is that mindfulness is a process that can radically transform you, and itā€™s not always safe, nor is it easy or straightforward. We make it safer by being aware of the risks and learning to listen to our own bodies about when it is or isnā€™t okay for us. No one else actually knows.

“Can Mindfulness Help Treat PTSD?”

University of California Berkely'sĀ Greater Good Science Center reports a study that finds "adding mindfulness to traditional therapy could be beneficial for soldiers with PTSD." Article...

ā€œBrain Changes Seen in Veterans with PTSD after Mindfulness Trainingā€

Veterans with PTSD experience observable changes to the brain after mindfulness training, according to new research published inĀ Depression and Anxiety. ā€œThe brain findings suggest...