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Sound After Psychiatry

In the wake of psychiatry, there was a fracture, a gulf that opened between me and the authentic sound of my voice when it is connected and resonates with my truth.

The Lessons of Music: Nurturing Mental Health in Cultures Around the...

Music is an ancient and omnipresent tool for wellness, a carrier of peace for individuals, and a bonding agent for communities throughout history and the world.

Study Finds Heavy Metal Music Beneficial to Mental Health

A new study highlights the role heavy metal music plays in the mental health of adolescents facing adversity.

Christmas Songs Played on a Loop Can be Bad for Mental...

FromĀ Providr: Many retail stores have already begun rolling out Christmas decorations and playing Christmas music. A clinical psychologist recently warned that playing Christmas music...

Sound Heals the Wild Beast

I don't know about you, but sound, audio, music, making mixes on spotify, catching up on my favorite standards on pandora keeps me well...