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Is It Time to Let Go of One of Science’s Measures?

FromĀ The Conversation: Scientists are increasingly finding that the P value, one of the classic science statistics, is not as reliable as we like to...

Your Brain as Laboratory: The Science of Meditation

In this guest blogĀ forĀ Scientific American, John Yates explores the ways that many meditation practices qualify as science. "In the history of meditation practices that qualify...

ā€œThe Weak Science Behind the Wrongly Named Moral Moleculeā€

The latest research shows that the effect of the ā€œmoral moleculeā€ oxytocin has a much more complicated effect on human behavior than we think, according to Ed Yong in a recent article for The Atlantic. ā€œSeveral scientists have shown that this tower of evidence for oxytocinā€™s positive influence is built on weak foundations,ā€ he writes.