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Does the NASW Code of Ethics Prohibit Peer Work?

An analysis of the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics’ regulations on dual relationships: Indications for self-disclosure and problematic consequences for peers entering the social work workforce.

We Need to Broaden the Philosophical Landscape of Social Work

In this piece for Community Care, Anjum Shah argues that social work academics need to pay more attention to the work of the philosopher Frantz...

Where are the Social Workers: Preparing for a Post-Psychiatry World?

Little more than a week ago, I participated in a panel discussion that focused on the implications of the DSM-5 for social work practice. It was part of a larger conference co-sponsored by the NYU School of Social Work and the New York City chapter of NASW. So far as I know, it was the first such social work conference that’s taken place in New York specifically assembled to review the new DSM.

“Social Workers’ Malaise: What’s Our Mission?”

Just a few final words on this issue. One of the readers of the blog I posted on March 27 on madinamerica.com identified himself as...