Bipolar, AKA Unipolar Mania

May 23, 2012

Teens may have mania without depression, making their bipolar illness harder to classify, according to a new NIMH study. Interviews with 10,213 teens found that 2.5 percent met criteria for bipolar disorder, a rate similar to that of adults, but 1.7 percent had mania only without the depression.

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Note from Kermit Cole, “In the News” editor:

The authors suggest in the “implications” section: “In fact, the lack of evidence of mania alone in clinical samples of both youth and adults could be attributable to the high frequency of behavioral disturbances that emerge as a consequence of mania that may obfuscate the core manifestations of mania. Follow-up of this sample is critical to distinguish characteristics of youth with transient manic episodes from those for whom mania signals early manifestations of recurrent mood disturbances including bipolar disorder and its lifelong consequences.”


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5 thoughts on “Bipolar, AKA Unipolar Mania

  1. Labeled ‘maniacs’ only huh? without the depression yet? Well rest assured psychiatry, once you strip these innocent teens of their dignity and drug them for years and let them carry the stigma of an ‘SMI’ label, they’ll sure be depressed, and then you’ll have ‘proved’ they got depressed and ‘manic’ won’t you?

    I pity these 10,000 teens. For they know not what quackery they have come into contact with.

  2. This is nothing but gobbledegook, plain and simple. No one is safe from the quacks anymore; kids can’t even be kids without being labeled bi-polar without the depression! How does any self-respcting, intelligent, discriminating woman or man ever read something like this without laughing themselves silly? Snake oil and flim-flam chichanery in its best form! The biopsychiatrist quacks and drug reps are better than any carnival sideshow shills. Where is their self-respect when they lower themselves to publish this kind of tripe? How do they ever look themselves in the eyes when they peer into the mirror every morning? How can they walk down the street with their heads up, knowing what they are trying to do to healthy people?

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