Lisbeth Riis Cooper


Lisbeth Riis Cooper is the founder and chairwoman of the Mother Bear Community Action Network, a national network of families dedicated to creating a new mental health care paradigm in which hope is encouraged, recovery is expected, medication is optimized, the many pathways to wellness are identified, and family and community are an important part of the healing process. Lisbeth is also the vice-chairwoman and visionary behind CooperRiis Healing Community in Western North Carolina, a residential community where individuals with mental illness and emotional distress learn how to recover and thrive through a comprehensive program that addresses mind, body, spirit and heart.

Jennifer Maurer is the managing director of the Mother Bear Community Action Network. She has worked extensively with non-profits to build holistic communities that support personal empowerment, recovery in relationship, and community engagement for broader social change. Jennifer is also a mother bear who has supported family members using a variety of integrative therapeutic approaches.