Olga Runciman – Long Bio


Olga Runciman is an international trainer and speaker as well as writer, campaigner and artist. She sees the hearing voices movement as post-psychiatric, working towards the recognition of human rights while offering hope, empowerment and access to making sense of one’s experiences on an individual level. She has worked extensively with trauma and abuse, voice hearing and other sensory experiences, as well as healing and recovery.

She is a board member of the Danish Psychosocial Rehabilitation network and the Danish organisation for Users and Psychiatric Survivors. She is a co-founder and board member of the Danish Hearing Voices network.

In the everyday, Olga is a psychiatric nurse working in social psychiatry and a soon-to-be certified psychologist, as well as a psychiatric survivor. She lives in Copenhagen with her partner and two cats, and when she has a spare minute you can usually find her out and about with camera in hand, photographing. She is also a voice hearer.