Aubrey Ellen Shomo – Long Bio


Diagnosed with a psychotic disorder at eight years old, transgendered essayist Aubrey Ellen Shomo (born Justin Michael Shomo) would spend most of the next decade on neuroleptic medication Рover her vocal objections Рand would be hospitalized repeatedly. Upon reaching adulthood, furious with the treatment she received for so long and her own powerlessness in the face of it, she became a psychiatric survivor activist.

Over the course of the next decade she would be honored as a semi-finalist in the international Film Your Issue competition for young filmmakers for her PSA about child abuse in psychiatric hospitals; serve on the board of Colorado’s statewide consumer network; speak at the national Alternatives conference and serve on its advisory¬†committee; and tell her story, most recently for the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery’s CD series¬†Voices of Hope and Recovery: Our Stories, Our Lives.

Apart from her work as a psychiatric survivor activist, she works in the real world as a Network Engineer and Programmer and has published in 2600: The Hacker Quarterly and Transgender Tapestry. Her website can be found at