MindFreedom – Long Bio

MindFreedom International is one of the oldest mental health non-profits in existence (25+ years), and has always existed independent of funding from governments, drug companies, mental health systems or religions.

MFI stands at the intersection of mutual support and mental health activism and through public demonstrations and campaigns aims to send a consistent message about the necessity of informed and voluntary choice in mental health care. MFI stands firmly against psychiatric human rights violations such as forced electroshock and the corrupt practices of the pharmaceutical industry.

What constitutes “normal” in a society that allows such abuses to continue? MindFreedom honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who once answered this question by saying “The salvation of our world lies in the hands of the maladjusted.” We’re proud to be maladjusted to psychiatric mistreatment and oppression!

Read here about the latest news from MFI’s various campaigns and human rights initiatives from MFI board members, members, volunteers, and activists on the front lines of our nonviolent revolution in mental health care.

(To learn more about MindFreedom or to become a member, visit www.mindfreedom.org!)