1. Although he is a psychiatrist -one tapering off drug treatment whenever he can according to a former post though – that man is worth reading for any MIA readers – the bright Corina West , the MIA blogger and ” Antipsychiatry mental Health Entrepreneur” ( I added ” antipsychiatry” to her definition of her newest project since to my mind Bad pharma is also describing itself as mental health Entrepreneur), blogging on MIA has been enlighted by him on what the “labeling mind is” according to her last post.

    Worth meditating for antispsychiatry activists, in my psychiatrist biased opinion:

    ///By the time the DSM-III came along, (…) the paradigm of psychological causation was the one being rejected. To me at the time, it was the baby in the bathwater of all the complaints about the power, the dogmatism, the speculation, and the fiscal drain of psychoanalysis. I agreed with many of those complaints myself, but what about the baby? ///

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