“Last Plea To DSM-5: Save Grief From the Drug Companies”


Allen Frances, writing in the Huffington Post, calls the decision in the forthcoming DSM-5 to call grief in the bereaved a disorder as soon as two weeks after the loss of a loved one  “a bonanza for drug companies, but a disaster for grievers.”

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  1. The people have said that grief beyond two weeks after loss of life (loved one, career, home, etc.) is NOT a disorder. People do not want this, they do not agree and it is a simple as that. The people have made it abundantly clear. They do NOT agree with this perversion of reality.

    Humanity has spoken. DEAL WITH IT, APA. You DON’T have the sort of control, power and authority you wish you did. You’re WRONG in this instance. ADMIT DEFEAT. And then get over it (don’t cry about it for three weeks). Though, you sure can defy and you probably will. And in that, you’ll be violating and offending. And in that, you’ll be truly guilty of crimes against Humanity.

    “APA needs to reconsider a really bad decision that will seriously reduce its credibility and encourage the DSM-5 boycott I am told is now in its planning stages.”

    The PEOPLE have said NO to your PERVERSION of reality, APA & DSM authors. The people have said NO.

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