Ask Michael Moore About Psychiatric Drugs and Gun Violence


In Michael Moore’s movie, “Bowling for Columbine,” the question is repeatedly asked; “why are there so many gun murders in the United States compared to other countries?” But no answer is given. However, in Gary Null’s recent film, “The Drugging of our Children,” Mr. Moore says that it is quite possible Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold shot all of those students at Columbine for no other reason than they were given psychiatric drugs. He called for an investigation into the role of such drugs in the murders at Columbine, but does not appear to be following up.

Now, there is an opportunity to ask him about it!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013, is the 10th anniversary of the release of Bowling for Columbine and Mr. Moore is urging everyone to have House Parties to view the film at 7:00 pm Eastern Time and join him with a panel of activists for an online discussion of where we go from here starting at 9:00 pm Eastern Time. The panel will be live on

You can ask questions via e-mail or Twitter during or after the movie, i.e., from 7:00 pm Eastern time to at least 10:00.  

You can tweet your questions with the hashtag #BFCquestion or, he says, “send any questions you’d like to ask to me before the end of the movie to [email protected] with the subject “#RAquestion” and we’ll get you to the front of the line.”   Let’s ask Michael Moore about investigating the role of psychiatric drugs and mass murders. The questions need to be sent after 7:00 pm Saturday Eastern Time, March 23rd and before the end of the panel. Before then, though, you can post questions you intend to ask, and/or suggest questions for people to ask on the  Occupy Psychiatry Event, 10th Anniversary “Bowling for Columbine” House Party — Ask Michael Moore About Investigating Psych Drugs and Gun Violence, that has been set up to promote and coordinate this.  The idea is to flood Mr. Moore with questions about investigating the role of psychiatric drugs in gun violence during and right after the movie.

Since Columbine, it has become more and more clear that many if not most of the similar types of mass murders were caused by psychiatric drugs. However, in many cases the information has been suppressed. For more information, see, PsychRights’ Letter to the President’s Task Force on Gun Violence.

It would be good to indicate you are “going” to this Occupy Psychiatry Event and promote it with Facebook Friends and otherwise.  However, the most important thing is to tweet and e-mail Michael Moore questions about investigating the role of psychiatric drugs in causing mass murders after 7:00 pm Saturday, March 23, 2013.  Let’s see if we can get some attention in the Twittersphere.



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Jim Gottstein, JD
Law, Alternatives and Change: Law, Alternatives and Change: A Harvard-educated lawyer and long time activist for change in the mental health system writes about law as it relates to psychiatric rights and fostering truly helpful, non-coercive alternatives to the current system. Jim's book, The Zyprexa Papers, chronicles the dramatic events surrounding his subpoenaing and releasing secret, damning Eli Lilly documents and surviving the resulting legal onslaught by Lilly, as well as his battles fighting the forced drugging of Bill Bigley for whose case the documents were subpoenaed.


  1. I’ve actually sent him several emails on the subject now with lots of links and info. Not just about this particular issue about about the misuse and abuse of psychiatric drugs in general. I sent these emails as a result of having seen the video from Gary Null’s film.

    He claims, or at least at the time I sent the emails, claimed, to read every email he received even if he did not respond. In any case perhaps if he got lots and lots of emails/questions about the issue he might come around.

    He’d certainly be a great ally. So yes…lets get these questions out there. Thank you Jim

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  2. Hi Monica,

    I know that Michael Moore has been contacted about this issue, but part of the idea is to try and get a lot of tweets going on this topic with the hashtag #BFCquestion. I expect there will be a lot of people not familiar with the connection between psych drugs and gun violence following this hashtag so this is an opportunity to educate them. Also, if we can generate enough tweets that might be newsworthy.

    It also seems to me there is a fair chance that he or someone else on the panel will actually address the issue if we generate enough activity in the Twittersphere.

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  3. I think it’s important to note that Dr. Gary Null is a big proponent of nutrition.

    We discuss nutrition occasionally on MiA, and it often includes comments by those who cannot tolerate vitamins during psychiatric drug withdrawal. These comments need to be respected, as this appears to often be the case.

    But IMO, looking at the benefits of nutrition *before* someone is placed on psychiatric drugs is worthy of more research – to include supplementation with key nutrients, such as fish oil, vitamins B-6, B-12, D-3. Especially with young people.

    I’ve read comments by some who are not convinced that a psychiatric drug can induce homicide.

    I disagree. I say, “all bets are off” with any psychiatric drug. They are not ready for prime time.


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  4. Eric Harris was not on Prozac. He was on Zoloft and told his parents he was feeling strange. The psychiatrist changed to Luvox.

    I can assure that antidepressants SSRIs can induce violent behavior towards others or self.

    I experienced it. The British Parliament at “The Influence of Pharmaceutical Industry”:

    5. Problems with Seroxat and other SSRIs

    Prozac and Seroxat are the best-known examples of SSRI and related antidepressants, but others are widely used. The introduction of SSRIs led to a threefold increase in antidepressant prescriptions between 1990 and 2000. Prescriptions for antidepressants now match those of the benzodiazepine tranquillisers at their peak, 25 years ago.

    Almost from the outset, there was concern about two main problems with SSRIs. First, there was suspicion (initially centred on Prozac) that these drugs could induce suicidal and violent behaviour – infrequently, but independently of the suicidal thoughts that are linked to depression itself. There was also concern (centred on Seroxat) about a risk of dependence; some users. p.85

    Seroxat is sold as Paxil in US and Aropax in Australia.
    Seroxat/Paxil/Aropax= paroxetine
    The influence of pharmaceutical industry

    review done by the English Parliament

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  5. I have been doing a little research on the subject as well due to my experiences of psychiatric conspiracy, false imprisonment and the illegal use of psychotropic drugs against my will (that made me very sick).

    The following is an article I submitted for publication in my local newspaper’s letter-to-the-editor column.

    In the last few months, there has been a strong attempt on the part of several members of Congress to pass legislation to outlaw “assault weapons” and, when unsuccessful, legislation to make it more difficult to purchase firearms (knowing full well it could not work).

    On television and internet, I listened and watched several well-known anti-gun Congressmen advocating their position.

    None of them had taken the time to systematically study the subject or even knew the subject other than superficially and, in several instances, openly quoted statistics from anti-gun sources, including the President. Using these statistics, they argued the “majority” of the American people supported their position.

    The President, and other congressmen, argued for “common sense” gun-control provisions. Though they clearly knew nothing about the cause and effect relationships of crime, through their naïveté, they thought they could sit down in a conference to work out a solution logically using “common sense” without any real working knowledge of the subject.

    If we were to type in the appropriate “key words”, in any search engine on internet, we could easily get several thousand to several million “results” on gun control. Then, we could read a few of them to get anything we want to support our preconceived notions about anything. Statistics on gun-control abound to support both pro-gun and anti-gun. Now, there is an ongoing online survey with over 123,000 people who have participated in it so far (

    If true and accurate, then that means our President is a liar. The American people do not support gun-control of any kind.

    In the Newtown incident, the catalyst for the latest hysteria on gun-related crime, our news media, Congress and the frauds and charlatans on gun control carefully neglected to identify the real cause and effect relationships.

    In truth, his guns did not cause the crime. They were only the tools he used. Adam Lanza was under psychotropic medication that turned toxic for him, leading to a violent reaction
    ( Almost everyone has ignored that fact.

    Most of us, when we get old enough to know better, realize that, sometimes, psychiatry can be more of an assault weapon than a science. We also have learned to recognize psychotropic medication as a dangerous tool, no different from guns, which require conscientious attention to detail.

    In the instance of Adam Lanza, his medical term gave him a dangerous psychotropic medication without the proper supervisor and controls appropriate to his condition.

    Though his mother loved him very much, she lost control with her son as there were too many people meddling with the relationship between them using medication without proper supervisor.

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  6. This is a slippery slope. There are presently millions of law enforcement officers, district attorneys, judges, investigators, court officers and elected officials who are licensed to have firearms. Legislation banning possession of a firearm by those taking antidepressants, antianxiety meds and pain killers would require the termination of these dedicated professionals. If this is truly a problem then it’s a problem for everyone with a gun, not just the civilian population.

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    • I think this says more about the bogus, useless, lethal drugs handed out by psychiatry in bed with BIG PHARMA for their junk science DSM stigmas now even declared INVALID by Dr. Thomas Insel of the NIMH, a very belated admission of what anyone doing even an iota of research not to mention the horrible experience and mistake of those seeing a so called mental “health” expert knew for all too long.

      If the drugs are considered to be so dangerous, which they are, nobody should be taking them, never mind those with guns. The reason is domestic and other violence is bad enough without enhancing it with lethal psych drugs, so this is not just about violence occurring with guns. Like alcohol known to contribute to violence by disinhibiting would be abusers, the same is true of psych drugs that cause suicide and homicide. Plus, most if not all psych drugs are useless but lethal, so this whole sordid enterprise of stigmatizing and drugging the whole globe to add to the billions of the global BIG PHARMA cartel that bought out psychiatry and governments must stop.

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