VA Still Using Benzos for PTSD Despite Warnings

291 reports that doctors from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs are continuing to prescribe tranquilizers such as Valium and Xanax despite the VA’s guidelines advising against their use in association with post-traumatic stress disorder. “Studies, however, have not shown benzodiazepines as effective treatment for what are called the core PTSD symptoms of avoidance, hyperarousal, numbing and dissociation,” the article states, but many of the veterans taking the medications are “Vietnam War-era vets, who perhaps began taking benzodiazepines years before guidelines were in place.”

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Of further interest:
VA still prescribing tranquilizers to veterans with PTSD, despite warnings (Fox News)
VA prescribing tranquilizers for PTSD despite warnings against (

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Kermit Cole
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