DSM — the Latest News and Happenings… Collected


Monica Cassani promises to add to Beyond Meds’ chronicle, today and for the next week or so, of emerging coverage on the DSM rollout. Three items so far showcase include yesterday’s Time Magazine article that concludes “The symptom-based definition of mental illness also encourages labeling of conditions and disorders in a way that implies far more knowledge of mental disorders than is actually the case”, a press release from  Mental Health Europe announcing “western psychiatry is in crisis”, and the New York Times, which concludes “The media will trumpet the release of the new D.S.M., but practicing psychiatrists will largely regard it as a nonevent. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for other institutions — insurance companies, state and government agencies, and even the courts — which will continue to imbue the D.S.M. with a precision and an authority it does not have.”

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