Jamin Peck – Long Bio

Jamin Peck is a multifaceted individual who’s creative expressions range from art, music, communication, spirituality and more. Like so many others, he has been told the unscientific misinformation that his challenges were because of bio-chemical imbalances and that they could only be maintained/copped with by pharmaceutical psycho-active drugs. With the help of competent professionals’, he sought alternative approaches in his healing process. These approaches ranged from Nutrition and homeopathy to spiritual interventions like shamanic energy work (hypnosis, EMDR and more).

Through being allowed the space to explore and thus resolve the troubling conflicts in his psyche that extended into extreme states of consciousness (often these extremes are labeled as madness and psychosis), he was able to change the limiting beliefs he had about himself, about his challenges he faced and how he related to others and the world around him. Upon his release, Jamin stopped the treatments the mental health professionals forced upon him and has been free from their psycho-active drugs for over four years now. He is studying such disciplines as psychology, NeuroLinguistic Programing, Hypnosis and more, furthering his understanding as to how our beliefs and perceptions impact the changes we see in our lives.