“Science Isn’t Golden”


Paula Caplan’s Psychology Today blog on the “existential nausea” associated with seeing the recent controversy over the DSM and psychiatric diagnosis. This is a fight, she writes, she’s been engaged in for 25 years; against powerful people who get away with “distortions and even lies, lies that hurt the people they profess to help.”

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  1. I really admire and appreciate Dr. Paula Caplan’s honesty and bravery in exposing the fraud of DSM stigmas in her great book, THEY SAY YOU’RE CRAZY, and others long ago along with her web sites and many articles to the present.

    I can feel for her when she says she feels nauseated and burned out by the constant lies of psychiatry and the huge harm of DSM stigmas (or the BOOK OF INSULTS per Jim Gottstein) because I sometimes I feel the same way as I am sure many others do.

    Yet, those like Dr. Caplan, Dr. Breggin, Bob Whitaker and so many others may have no idea of the lives they literally save by writing their books and articles as well as speaking out to Congress, the media and various groups while speaking truth to the lies of corrupt power. It is thanks to real experts like this that the sham and dangers of toxic biological psychiatry and its literally life destroying stigmas and lethal drugs have been exposed. Despite the ongoing defensive onslaught of ongoing lies by biopsychiatry recently, the fact that Dr. Thomas Insel, head of the NIMH has felt compelled to admit to the fact that DSM stigmas are INVALID is a major victory and certainly validates Dr. Caplan for her many years of exposing the huge harm of this self serving enterprise.

    Of course, we are always advised to follow the money and the fact that BIG PHARMA has been abandoning psychiatry due to its lack of science and validity is also quite telling.

    Since such junk science did not bother BIG PHARMA before since they invented most of it, it seems that the fraud and junk science of psychiatry and its DSM has become so obvious, a new system of lies must be invented as announced by Dr. Thomas Insel with his “new” eugenics agenda he has announced while debunking the already debunked DSM.

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