“The Inmates Seem to Have Taken Over the Asylum”


Allen Frances writes, in the Huffington Post, a “plea to the American Psychiatric Association, to the National Institute of Mental Health, and to the British Psychological Society — spare us your empty promises of premature paradigm shifts and instead help us take better care of our patients.”

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  1. “The Inmates Seem to Have Taken Over the Asylum”

    Yes, Allen Frances. That’s right. Get used to it. We can always do a you a care plan and get together a support group to help you cope with this time of change. Change is never easy….

    Please don’t struggle or someone will be along with a needle….and we don’t want that now do we…..

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    • He posted the same article in Psychology Today and some commenter said (not me though),


      “You’re very much starting to sound like a paranoid schizophrenic. “They’re all wrong – The APA, The NIMH, The DCP… Everybody but me! And they’re all out to get me!”

      Don’t make me have to call the goon squad to come and get you so we can make you take some medication.”

      Right on the money :D.

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      • This is also the type of insulting comment made by Fuller Torrey twin Sally Satel when survivors have tried to have input about what would actually help rather than hurt them when in emotional distress. Sally Satel fought against “the inmates taking over the asylum” to express maximum contempt as Frances does here.

        I find it amazing that Allen Francis along with Robert Spitzer are so hopelessly narcissistic that they cannot see or admit the HUGE, HUGE, HUGE harm and destruction they perpetrated against millions of people with their bogus junk science DSM and their VOTED IN “diseases.” Allen Francis should consider the massive evil he unleashed with the bipolar fad fraud of the DSM IV that caused a horrible epidemic of these life destroying stigmas for BOTH ADULTS AND CHILDREN created to push lethal drugs in bed with BIG PHARMA with no concern about the lethal effects of these obnoxious poisons! Allen Francis was the role model for Joseph Biederman with his child ADHD and bipolar fraud epidemics he almost singlehandedly created to serve his BIG PHARMA masters.

        Allen Frances pretends to be a great ethical, humane doctor when the opposite is true. He was a powerful, influential leader of the APA and psychiatry that aided and abetted the sellout of psychiatry to BIG PHARMA. He also engaged in the sordid Texas Algorithm agenda, which involved forcing states to buy the most expensive, lethal drugs on patent for state welfare and other programs also involving children. This was exposed by various whistleblowers.

        I think Allen Frances’ colleagues had him pegged when they said his real problem was “pride of authorship” because if he really was concerned with those caught up in the mental death profession, he would have admitted psychiatry and DSM diagnoses are “bullshit” in that normality can’t be easily defined long ago as he did in a recent WIRED article. But, rather, Dr. Frances chose to milk the system to enrich himself by destroying countless lives in the process along with Robert Spitzer to give psychiatry the pretense of medicine by creating the DSM junk science that deliberately ignored all environmental and social stressors known to be the major cause of emotional distress fraudulently misdiagnosed as bogus “mental illness” thanks to Frances and Spitzer. Thanks to them, abused women and children were/are stigmatized as bipolar while they aided and abetted the abusers by focusing on the VICTIMS’ symptoms rather than the abusers’ abuse and evil. No surprise since misogyny, racism, homophobia and every other social prejudice was epidemic in psychiatry.

        Biological psychiatry is the worst plague ever unleashed on humanity. If Alan Frances has a shred of decency left he should admit that psychiatry should be abolished with all its ill gotten fascist human rights violations. He should also acknowledge that psychiatry exists for the sole, soulless purpose of social control with the degrading DSM stigma process used to disempower, discredit, silence, humiliate, ostracize and destroy any inconvenient people who challenge those in power just as was done to dissidents in Soviet Russia.

        Psychiatry has absolutely nothing to do with medicine, but rather is an illegal, unconstitutional arm of our growing totalitarian, fascist police state to punish, torture and imprison anyone who dares challenge the current robber barons in power including BIG PHARMA. Of course, powerful psychiatrists like Allen Frances got their blood money for their betrayal of countless fellow Americans.

        For old psychiatrists like Frances, Pies and Spitzer to keep trying to defend and justify the evil eugenics agenda of biological psychiatry as psychiatry did in the past from which they made a literal killing by profiting from the massive suffering of their victims is pathetic, transparent and ignoble to say the least.

        Given Frances’ impact on the medicalization of such pernicious stressors as domestic, work, community and other abuse, bullying and mobbing while ignoring the huge threat of psychopaths, he and his self serving profession have ensured that victims of such abuse and human rights violations were given bogus stigmas with no hope of any justice whatever because according to them and the bogus DSM, abuse and bullying didn’t exist. Neither did the many psychopaths in many homes and work places. It took other experts outside of mainstream psychiatry to address the real sources and solutions for the type of severe emotional distress that psychiatry used as an excuse to push their unreliable, invalid bogus stigmas to push equally useless but deadly drugs to serve BIG PHARMA and themselves while profiting from making those in distress suffer all the more while losing everything that ever mattered to them once under psychiatric “care.” It’s unbelievable that such a corrupt, harmful, barbaric, predatory group like biopsychiatry exists in this modern day and age.

        If Allen Frances really wants to atone for all the horrific false epidemics HE created, he should advocate for biopsychiatry to be abolished sine he and his cohorts made sure that it is beyond salvation.

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