“Voices Matter”

“Voices Matter” is the first full production to emerge from the Open Paradigm Project, a collective dedicated to heeding the voices and perspectives that accompany the diverse and changing realities we all share. This documentary about the Hearing Voices Movement was filmed over the course of three days at the 2012 World Hearing Voices Congress in Cardiff, Wales. 

The Hearing Voices Movement started 25 years ago in the Netherlands, as an organization for voice hearers and others interested in this phenomenon. In 1988, The Hearing Voices Network was established in England, and in following years, further networks have been established in Italy, Finland, Wales, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. The network is currently comprised of thousands of Hearing Voices groups, and growing.

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  1. Great film, editing, and mix of people, history and experiences.

    “Psychiatry will only change through a social and civil rights movement” Talk from a CBT person about ‘evidence based’ and RCTs. But this can be anything you make it, depending on the questions asked, in my opinion. Why should we have to fit into an this type of culture? Rather change the culture to fit us.

    Human rights, says Will Hall, and I agree. Do we have to play the game, sometimes? Maybe, but only if we want to, and not to conform or obey. System is abusive (Rachel Waddingham), yes it is. Freedom, justice and respect.

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    • I agree 100% with what you said about the “CBT person”, a deeply inconsequential contribution to an otherwise brilliant video, well edited, great soundbites, and great weather it seems on the day. I liked the interplay between the outdoors and indoors, and the coffee being poured, all filmed in the one location but evoking a sense of the wider world. I think PJ is a great editor. I look forward to more of these great videos.

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