“Science Doesn’t Know Everything”


Jerome Kagan, professor of psychology emeritus from Harvard University, says that “scientists studying psychological phenomena should replace their habit of linking one cause to one outcome with an examination of the relations between patterns of causal conditions and patterns of outcomes. A single condition (whether a gene, a secure attachment, premature birth, abuse, harsh socialization, or bullying) that ignores the child’s gender, temperament, ethnicity, social class, and culture usually explains little of the variation in most psychological outcomes.”

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  1. I think science should take spiritual / psyche phenomenon seriously. Here’s a simple suggestion.

    There are almost unlimited people everywhere who say they’re “channeling” specific beings and entities. Some people say they’re channeling and communicating with Jesus, others say Archangel Michael … there’s PLENTY.

    Here’s a google search just for channelers / communicators of Archangel Michael: https://www.google.com/search?q=channeling+archangel+michael&sa=G&hl=en&oe=ISO-8859-1

    To study the messages received, from as many people as possible, and look for consistency in the messages would prove or disprove their mental activity.

    I noticed THREE people who say they have an ancient Chinese man as a “spirit guide”. The three people are successful, published authors. I think MIND scientists would be VERY interested in knowing more about it.

    I truly believe that there IS DNA information relative to the spiritual aspect of life. I wouldn’t doubt if some “elitists” already have such information, but keep it extremely secure and guarded.

    The MIND is not housed in the skull and brain alone. Our mind is ATMOSPHERIC and even COSMIC.

    To understand *MENTAL*, one must consider the spiritual, psychic AND “psychotic”.

    Either all these “channelers” are happy schizophrenic nutbags or all the nutbags are channelers, lost in a Black Sea of Ignorance and suffering.

    I think of myself as a STATION, a stationary mental satellite station. People, using their MINDS, can and do TUNE IN to me and I can tune in to other “channels” (minds).

    When psychiatry stops being the anti-christ (denying the SPIRIT), maybe Humanity will make progress in instant leaps and bounds.

    “Aliens” are AWESOME, btw. It is no tragedy for AL (Advanced Life) to be among us and to interact. It would be a tragedy if they LEFT US (which they won’t do).

    HUMAN IS NOT THE ONLY LIFE FORM. If that fact makes some people feel and behave shocked, overwhelmed, scared and confused … DON’T call them “crazy”. Thanks.


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