Suman Fernando – Long Bio

Suman Fernando was a consultant psychiatrist (now retired) in the British National Health Service for over twenty years until the mid-1990s. Since then he has been an academic, a writer and an advisor on mental health practice and service provision. He was also a member of the Mental Health Act Commission (a government inspectorate) for several years until 1995 where he chaired its National Standing Committee on Race and Culture. He is involved in voluntary organisations (NGOs) providing mental health services for people from minority ethnic (‘racialised’) groups in the UK and also for people in Sri Lanka. Here is a list of his appointments.

Suman’s main occupation now is in writing, lecturing, teaching in UK and Canada. He has been involved in capacity building work in Sri Lanka  and in researching issues around mental health and mental health provision in Middle- & Low-income countries (click here for papers written in 2005 and 2009).