The Chemical Imbalance, Genetics & Biology of Bipolar Disorder: Myths of Psychiatry

This video from explores why what most people think about the relationship between genetics, chemical imbalance theory and bipolar disorder is pure myth.


  1. This was a great video until it lapsed into bogus psychiatric drug pushing and other nefarious agendas to aid and abet fascist biopsychiatry without examining the evidence or truth as it did with the myth of psychiatry’s bogus biological brain diseases and supposed knowledge of the brain, when the opposite is true.

    Claiming that psychiatry and its lethal drugs are useful and can help people in many ways in this video is very dangerous and simply not true. Too bad the author of the video didn’t seem to read his sources including Robert Whitaker’s ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC that has an opposite conclusion about psychiatric drugs than that of this ultimately misguided video on that topic.

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